Tuesday, September 8, 2009

T Minus 2 Days!

We are back from San Jose/San Fran. We briefly checked out Stanford--disappointing! Good thing Joe didn't want to go there anyway. We visited San Fran, along with aunts, uncles and cousin. And lastly, we attended Carol's wedding and reception. Thanks Kathy, Chris, Dorris, John, Roger, Bob, and Julie and Harold!

You can (try to) check out pictures of us at the wedding via facebook by clicking here. Disclaimer: Juleen did not watch Joe as closely as she should have.

Now that the last of our summer travels is over, we can no longer excuse NOT preparing for the "real trip". We leave September 11--two days from now! Aaaaaa! We're staying with a woman who works at a center for people with disabilities in Guatemala City. She's even coming to pick us up from the airport. We're thinking we'll be there between two to four weeks. Hopefully, we'll be able to post pictures and notes once there.

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  1. So glad you arrived safely and that someone picked you up at the airport. I'm also so glad that your house stay appears to be great. Fill us all in!
    Your so glad mom,