Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loves and Hates a Month In

A month into our travels we’d like to reflect a bit and simply record some things we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and some things we haven’t.


Loves a full email inbox, but she’s always perplexed what else her parents could have been doing when they haven’t sent her a note.

Loves planning.

Loves going to bed by 9pm not by choice, but because we grow tired of trying to read with the 25W light bulb in our room.

Hates throwing up over balconies in the middle of the night amid pouring rain, because she’s contracted some stomach ailment from the food or water.

Hates cold showers. :(

Hates seeing the Guatemalan women cook and clean all day for their male counterparts.

Loves having gone a month without TV, though she misses her dear friend Stephen Colbert.


Hates going without coffee. He has less to look forward to when starting his day.

Loves the international news section of Guatemala’s Prensa Libre newspaper.

Loves pursuing opportunities and good deals at the next stop.

Hates the broken strap on his XXL REI duffel bag. Maybe he just needs to take a look to see if he can fix it first.

Hates when Minnesota beats Purdue.

Hates having to pay for water. It gives him an excuse not to work out.

Hates paying ten times as much as Guatemalans to visit tourist sites, but he can kind of understand why he does.

Loves the freedom of carrying the few possessions he has (not including everything that’s at the Rodakowskis or in Beech Grove).

Both of Us

Hate dogs barking and roosters crowing in the middle of the night. They create an awful chorus.
Love El Remate’s village kids.

Love meeting new people in random hostels. Now if we could only meet new people that didn’t speak perfect English with us.

Love learning about the Mayas through our trips to Tikal, Iximche and Ixlu.

Aman aprender espanol.

Love fantasizing about potential wedding extravaganzas everywhere we go.

Hate constantly, daily, always, siempre haggling over prices.

Hate washing dishes already used dishes in other peoples’ homes.

Hate missing the healthcare debate.

Hate the weight of our packs on our backs.

Love the idea of CouchSurfing. Hopefully we still love it in a week, as we´ve made plans to CouchSurf, for the first time, in El Salvador.

What would you love and/or hate?


  1. Well...I love Juleen's hat in the picture and the happy faces of the Village kids eating Watermelon.

    I hate hearing about the extreme standards of living and how the little town you visited is struggling to keep afloat.

    Most of all I hate that you're so far away but really love hearing about your adventures.
    Bunches of Love, Mom!

  2. I hate it when I get bugged about not sending e-mails.

    I hate grading hundreds (or so it seems) papers instead of sending you e-mails.

    I love reading your blog.

    I hate it when you don't post every half day. ;-)

    I love to hear about things when all is well wherever you are.

    I hate it when you don't give the name of the country you are in, along with the Cities. I've been telling everyone you are in El Salvador and/or Nicaragua because I thought that was where you were heading. Now I learn you have been in Guatemala the whole time! sheesh!

    I love being proud of you.

    You should love the fact that your weather is grand. We have had rain, rain, rain for a couple of weeks -- even some snow!

    Loved "talking" with you today, even with a bad connection.


  3. And I love the hat too. Did you make it?

  4. Oh -- and by the way --
    We had a garage sale, and we sold all your stuff (both of you), so you'll have less to be concerned about when you return. Sold all Randall's stuff too. We're going out for a fancy dinner tonight on the proceeds. thanks

  5. Juleen, I hate cold showers too :( And I love coffee so I can understand, Joe, why you are sad about missing it. Luckily for you though, but unluckily for us, the health care debate will probably still be happening when you return. In the meantime, have fun thinking about those wedding plans!!! ~ Paula and Brian (I have no idea why it doesn't post with our names...I am signed in)