Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alert: Teachers drinking at school!

I hated meetings at the school where I taught in Chicago. They were boring, unproductive, and didn't provide us with booze. Here at the school where we're volunteering, they don't have the same problem.

Sunday was the principal's birthday. Monday after the school day, naturally, was the party in the cafeteria to celebrate. Really good cake and white wine were served (you could even get refills!) while teachers and staff danced, sang, and joked the afternoon away.

The differences in staff camaraderie (everyone was having a GREAT time), resource management, and policy on alcohol shown by Monday's fiesta are just a few of the innumerable and grander distinctions separating my former school in Chicago from Bogota's Santa Francisca Romana, a Catholic all-girls school.

Juleen and I out-danced this couple seconds later, a la John Travolta and...the woman in...that one movie.


  1. Yay for all-girls Catholic high schools! I am a product of one, and though mine was quite liberal, I don't think the teachers got to party with liquor there! Enjoy the time there!

  2. Ha. Try a staff dinner sometime. We all went out here and stuffed ourselves with soju (Korean grain alcohol) and beer. Did the party end after a two hour dinner? No. We went to a NoeRaeBong (karaoke room) after.

    You guys are classy, though. White wine, eh? Sounds great, JoeD and Juleen. I'm glad you're digging the new school.

  3. Jenni,

    Is that you writing in Korean? If so, quit it!