Saturday, April 10, 2010

Judgment Day!

All good things must come to an end…

Juleen is heading home tomorrow, and Joe has one month remaining. While Juleen and Joe’s aventuras del mundo are finishing, for now, it’s not all bad.

Things we are looking forward to at home:

  • Controlling food we eat! On the road it’s hard to know what will sit well and what won’t. Also, it’s amazing how eating out all the time will make you want to just eat a salad, especially as two former veggies.
  • Tearing into American beef, pork and chicken products without shame!
  • Consistency. We’re really excited to “settle down” somewhere, though we don’t have our own place. Beware, parents.
  • Not having irregular bowel movements. Need we say more?
  • Wearing a variety of clothes. Oh, the possibilities. Maybe, I’ll change twice in one day.
  • Not having to ask if it is safe for us to go walking...
  • Washing machines. See previous blog.
  • Not writing blogs!
  • Working as an occupational therapist. Yay, Juleen!
  • Planning a wedding.Bold

Things we will miss from our aventuras:

  • Shopping for food in the local market! It’s a blast every time.
  • Meeting random cool people, especially fellow travelers. It’s amazing how travelers will share their entire life stories (or their beach house) without holding back on the road.
  • Juleen will miss having Joe handle all things concerning dinero.
  • Volunteering. Not that we can’t volunteer at home, but it has been the best part of the trip.
  • Not wearing the same thing all the time. What will we do with so many clothing options.
  • Practicing espanol.
  • Learning about all of the different peoples and cultures we’ve encountered along the way. Our most recent “fix” has been the Incas.
  • Using our cool, new ultraviolet light water purifier.
  • Having such an easy excuse to be unproductive and slothful.


  1. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。......................................................

  2. Hey Joe: Great to hear and see what you are up to. It sounds like you are doing good in the world and having a blast. It is all very impressive. Todd McDorman

  3. Hi Joe and Juleen,

    Sounds like you have had a truly incredible journey! May your transition back into "normal" life be a smooth one .. and if you ever get the itch to spend some time in the jungle, we are always here!

    All the best!!